Grinders And Useful Upgrades

The grinder and its accessories should be absent from no respectable woodworking shop.  Generally, shops store grinders that are useful mostly for grinding blades of axes or lawn mowers.  The size of the tool rests on these grinders is hardly suitable for the grinding of woodworking tools.  So you will need to get new, larger rests that will help you better control the grinding process.  This new set of tool rests will help you avoid gashing or scraping the blade of the tool you are grinding.  

With the larger rests for the grinder it is possible to do a grinding project without it being necessary to change the angles.  Other attachments for your grinder are specifically designed for the difficult grinding projects where gouges need to be correcting and the blade literally reformed.

Flexible guides and jigs to ease your grinding:

Guides or the grinding jigs that you can purchase and upgrade your shop grinder are much more versatile and adjustable.  For sharpening woodworking tools it is almost essential to have these upgrades for your shop grinder.  You could try controlling the tool being ground with your own hand, but you run the risk of gashing the blade. Therefore, it is better to use the guides if you want your grinding to be successful. 

Another essential upgrade is the Dressing Grindstones:

Every now and again your grinding wheel is in need of a little grinding itself. This is where the Dressing Grindstones come in.  They are usually made of metal or a compound of materials, and they serve as a grinding wheel flattener.  As far as accuracy in grinding goes, the flatter your wheel, the better.

When you upgrade or change your grinding stone you must insure that it is perfectly flat.  Anything less than that and your wheel is very likely to vibrate during the grinding and no precision grind can be done if that happens.  Dressing Grindstones come in different shapes and sizes: you have the star-wheel dressers, the diamond-tipped rods or simple stones.  Due to extensive use, a grinding stone will acquire a thin layer of debris that the Dressing grindstones can help you clean.  Dressing Grindstones can help you save a lot of money as they are excellent for restoring grinding wheels.

Polishing wheels to make your tools shine:

Another very essential accessory for your grinder is the felt wheels.  These stones are very easy to get and there’s a wide variety of them.  Generally, they are sold together with an abrasive that will help you with the polishing.  Given their strong texture, felt wheels, as compared to cloth wheels, are more successful in maintaining their shape.

You can’t have a shiny blade on your tools without polishing.  Therefore, you need to clear away the sheet of oxide on your blade.  Thanks to their being covered in a special compound that acts as oxide-remover, felt wheels are preferable when polishing blades.  The felt wheel does a buffing rather than a grinding process.

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