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How Do Solar Panels Operate?, find out how in the Green DIY energy review.

Also known as photovoltaic modules, a solar panel is a panel that is made up of solar cells.. These solar panels are used to solar energy and provide electricity for both commercial and private purposes. The growth in environmental concern coupled with shortages in traditional power sources has encouraged many people to seek alternative means of energy..

Solar Cells and Panels

What is the exact method behind solar panels providing energy for your home? . This is something I find fascinating and I read about it recenty in a Free Energy Options Review book.

Solar panels are intended to contain solar cells, which work to produce energy when they’re hit by sunlight. The electricity is then funneled into collectors, batteries and transformers that help make the energy usable by standard appliances.

To wholly get an image of how solar panels work, we have to look at the make-up of solar cells. Here’s a easy explanation of how it functions.

Electron Number 9

Silicone is often used as the main component for solar cells. It is paired up with two other elements, which usually includes boron and phosphorus. Jointly, the three elements make an environment, which carries an outer 9th electron. The characteristic of the 9th electron is also important. The 9th electron is attached to the others, but it still wants to break free from the rest. Although, with the respectable tool, the 9th electron can be easily broken off. This is where daylight comes in.

Photons Hammering Amay

Photons are what make up sunlight and its these photons that break off the bonds connecting the 9th electron and the others. Energy is generated from this break-off. If that external electron was left boundless, solar cells won’t be much use. Luckily, bordering bonds, which are now in need of an outer electron, draws the one that has broken off. Once different bonds are formed, the process repeats itself. Power is then created from this process of break off, rebond, and break off again. Inverters and batteries help out transform the energy into usable electricity.

Sunlight is a Necessity

Solar panels need sunlight to function – that’s a given. That is not to say, however, that you won’t have electricity during nighttime or when it gets slightly cloudy during the day – you nonetheless will. You will nevertheless have use of the energy that’s backed up within the batteries. Then again, if you live someplace that does not get that much sunlight, solar power may not be for you. . For more info on home energy you may like to visit my Home Made Energy Review site.

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