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I have recently had a pleasant customer experience which I feel I should tell people about. We are so quick to moan when we get bad service, but slow to broadcast it when we had a positive experience. Rather unfair, I think, so here goes:

I stumbled upon a website called ENSAV (short for Energy Saving I think) recently which is dedicated to providing top-rated suppliers in the energy saving industry – specifically for solar geysers, heat pumps, ceiling insulation and solar pool heating. I was surprised to see such a good information portal on the topic, although I was a bit disappointed not to find any suppliers to contact.

As it happens, I was looking to install a solar geyser into our new house that is in the process of being built in Pretoria East. I actually found that there is another way than solar geysers to heat water in a home, namely heat pumps. It basically works like a reverse air conditioner – but I won’t bother you with the technicalities.

I simply completed the online form on the website with my area and contact details, and when I submitted it I immediately received a list of six suppliers in my inbox. I noticed that they were all local suppliers, with the furthest one located in Midrand. Quite handy!

I was still busy working my way through the list when my phone rang. Incredibly it was one of the suppliers on the list that was actually phoning ME. How cool is that?! Anyway, after asking me a few simple questions the guy was ready with a ballpark figure – and also explained to me the different ways of financing a solar geyser without affecting the cashflow. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I will start saving money from day one, even before I have paid for the system – if I finance it against my existing bond. And then there is the added cash-in-the-pocket benefit of the rebate from Eskom!

While I was talking to him, I heard there was another incoming call, but since it was not a number I recognised I decided they could leave a message. It was another solar geyser supplier trying to get hold of me! Apparently ENSAV sent them an sms the moment I submitted my enquiry! I was astounded – by the end of the day I had three provisional quotations, and two more by the following morning. Two of the suppliers also met me on-site a couple days later, and submitted their final quotations soon afterwards.

Four of the five suppliers that contacted me also pointed out the advantages of installing a heat pump rather than a solar geyser, and also quoted on both options. The toughest part of this is to actually make a decision now…

I have just received an email from ENSAV asking me to rate the suppliers I dealt with individually. As they explain, this helps them to recommend the best suppliers to future customers. I guess I will give the one supplier who did not contact me a low rating then, hey?

If you are looking for a solar geyser, heat pump or solar pool heating, I can really recommend this service. Go to to put it to the test.

People that are searching the Internet for more info about the niche of how to install suspended ceiling, then check out the web site that is mentioned right in this line.

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This post was written by assistant on September 5, 2010


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