Going Green to Help Mother Earth, Solar Energy Facts

There is more to solar energy than the big panels on the roof of homes.  This article is going to expose some of those other solar energy facts.  Back in the 1960’s, solar power came to the front.  Very few used it, but today, still less than 1% used it, but today our hybrid cars are running up and down the highway using solar energy.  Solar energy is free.

Our electricity bills get higher each and every year.  We can take this solar power using Earth4Energys kit for a fraction of what it cost us for electricity.  Our environment is in trouble today with green house problems, solar does not damage the environment at all.

Ages ago, we considered people who applied solar energy to heat their houses pretty much as fruitcakes.  Today, the people who were using this energy source are the one’s who are laughing.  Each day we watch the monetary value of oil grow and fall.  Never knowing where it is going to be tomorrow.  Then there is the trouble with global warming stairing us in the face.  People who practice the alternative energy source like solar and wind energy are the people who are saving and not to worring about the rise and fall of oil for warming and cooling or running their houses.  

New construction are beginning to take part in the solar arena.  They are being built with the idea of solar or some type of alternative energy.  Big business is concerned about the environment as well.  You can do a lot more with solar other than just warming our homes.  Solar and wind energy can be used for working our appliance’s as well as some electronic devices that we use.   We all know about the solared power calculators.  In most cases there is some type of rechargable storage device, but in some cases there is not even a battery needed.  So let’s use this to run other things.

If you blend solar energy with wind power, you can even have more of an energy impact.  Heating our homes, working our automobile, operating electronic devices, appliances are just a couple idea’s for solar energy purposes. Saving lives is another, such as cleaning water for people to drink in some third world countries.  Solar and wind energy can be used for a lot more than we have even thought about yet.

In order to use solar energy and stay with this technology, more emphasis has to be made on the growing concern over the cost of energy as well as the impact that it has on the eco system.  Both those who are concerned about saving money and those who are concerned with the environment will agree that solar energy is a hopeful means at solving a problem with regard to the higher cost and high impact of today’s types of energy.

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