Free Solar Panels Are Now Available For Many UK Homes

Yes it is true, some UK homes are eligible for free solar panels on their roofs. This page explains how this is possible and why it is worth considering getting solar power for your house. Most people assume that this kind of renewable energy is pointless in Britain. How wrong they are as costs have reduced and the effectiveness has increased. This means that being green is now a possibility for all UK houses.

Solar panels in the UK seems pointless to most people. But did you actually know that the only time solar panels do not work in the United Kingdom is when it snows. If it isn’t snowing even the most cloudy of days will bring some electricity. This is because the technology has advanced to a level where the panels can extract power from even low light situations.

The price of solar panels has also plummeted in recent times, thanks largely to the fact that most are now made in China. There the productions costs are very low. The quality of the build is excellent and recently these panels life span expectancy has risen from 20 years to 30 years.

This is great news for anyone wanting to buy solar panels for their house. Even if you can’t afford the cost of the installation, you still might be able to get solar power, for FREE! Some companies are offering suitable homes 100% free installations. This means no fees, maintenance charges or materials costs. It is totally free and after 25 years the panels become your property.

This is possible because excess electricity is sold back to the national grid. There will always be some excess so the company that gives you the free solar panels knows they will get their money back, and some profit. They win and you win. However your roof will need to be suitable. This means ideally facing south, and not too old. There will need to be adequate space to fit the solar panels too.

For everyone that cannot get the free option, you will find that there is lots of money to be saved by buying your own solar panels. There is a large initial cost, but after that you will be saving money on your electricity bills and receiving money from the national grid for the energy you do not consume. It is a win win situation for everyone no matter how you look at it.

We live in a time when renewable energy and helping the environment is becoming more important. Using a renewable energy source like the sun to power our homes is both responsible, and can save us a lot of money. It is now highly recommended to start helping the environment. This is so that future generations can enjoy living on earth without the thread of extreme climate change.
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