Fit a Solar Water Heater System in Your House

Why not use the power of the sun to provide you with a domestic hot water heating system?  Building a diy solar water heating system is easy and cheap – some people manage to do it for less than 100 dollars.  Ready made solar water heaters usually cost over 1,000 dollars so making and fitting your own solar hot water system will save you hundreds of dollars, paying for itself in a month or two.  And think of the savings every month after that!

Solar water heating works anywhere in the world – even in the middle of winter!  It might not heat all your hot water (it often does, however) but it will certainly make a huge difference in your heating costs.  Savings of one third are quite usual.  Solar water heaters are simple devices, very efficient and environmentally friendly.  It is quite possible to make and fit one of these systems over a weekend, provided you get properly organized firstand get all the parts assembled.

The system consists of a simple glazed solar collector box containing water tubes that, in turn, are connected to the hot and cold water pipes of your existing hot water tank.  Normally a drain valve is fitted should you need to empty the system for some reason, such as leaving the house empty in winter.  Doing this work is very easy, and you do not have to be any kind of expert.  Position the collector box so that it faces the mid-day sun, mounting it on the roof if you wish, or attached to a wall, but ideally close to your hot water tank to minimize heat losses through the pipes.  Your local hardware store will have all the materials you need, although you will probably find you already have some of them in your shed.

Making and fitting such a system will not interfere with or harm your existing hot water installation.  In fact, by lowering the use of the existing heaters, the solar [hot water|water] heater will help [prolong|extend] the [service|life] of your boiler or immersion heater and also save on utility and maintenance costs.  Also, this is free energy that helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduces our carbon emissions, so there is an [environmental bonus|eco-bonus|green bonus] for installing a solar hot water system as well.

You can use it for other things as well.  Solar hot water systems can be used for heating swimming pools by providing a gentle, all-year-round source of free heating.  Do you have, or are you planning on fitting, underfloor central heating?  This typically [operates on|uses] a constant supply of [warm (as opposed to hot) |warm (not hot)] water with a low flow rate. Diy solar water heating is a great way of warming your house for free.

It is amazing how satisfying it is to build a simple system that provides constant hot water without hurting our planet.

But, as always, there are pitfalls for the inexperienced when trying to make and fit a solar water heater.  It is really sensible, therefore, to invest in expert professional guidance and help when planning and building your solar hot water system.  The cost will be very small, and you will get full assurance that you are doing the job properly and safely. We have  more information about this on our specialized website.

In summary, we can assure you that making and installing your own solar water heater is a satisfying and fun project that will give you years of savings, so why not give it a go?

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