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Recently, “AC electrical fans limited value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating” (hereinafter referred to as “energy effectivity rating”) has adopted the Standardization Technical Committee for review, will report to the State Standardization Administration Committee for approval and promulgation. Standards after the implementation of energy efficiency level of lower than three of the fans would ban the manufacturing and sale, 1 and a couple of may apply for energy-saving mark.

Energy effectivity rating system will probably be implemented to additional improve the technical content material of fan products.

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Objects by the facility to restrict the energy effectivity

It is known that “energy effectivity rating” is the 1989 launch of “Fan energy consumption limit values and testing methods” necessary national requirements for amendments to the revised terms of the usual will be a mandatory national standards. Is also restricted to merchandise of energy consumption, the unique standard name of “power consumption of limited value” to “energy effectivity limit value”, AC fan motor energy is no longer doing mandatory requirement, however by obligatory energy efficiency, allowing users to fulfill the energy effectivity limit values required to choose their own fans in the free air circulation demand for the product.

Important changes within the content requirements is to increase the energy effectivity rating, power saving target, evaluating values of vitality conservation and energy efficiency limit value. Applicable merchandise include single-phase rated voltage not exceeding 250V, the other rated voltage not exceeding 480V, AC motor driven by a desk fan, stand fan, wall fan, terrace fan, stand fan and ceiling fans.

10% of the products of a limit worth of lower than 3

The standards of energy efficiency standards for electrical fans in China’s energy effectivity rating is split into three. An energy-efficient, is the target, only less than 5% of the product to achieve an energy efficiency standard; 2 for the energy efficiency rating value, at present about 20% of the product to 2 levels of vitality efficiency; three for the energy effectivity of limited value, Currently about 65% of the product to 3 levels of energy efficiency, while another 10% of the merchandise reach three limited worth of energy effectivity requirements, producers need to enhance this a part of the product.

Energy evaluation value is the standard test conditions, the provisions of AC electric fans energy-saving product certification necessities meet the minimum energy effectivity values, is the beneficial indicators, is the technical basis for energy-saving product certification, product certification via energy conservation, you need to use the vitality saving logo. In different words, only to reach a degree of energy efficiency and two of the fans can apply for energy certification.

Limit worth of energy effectivity standards require testing of AC electrical fans underneath the minimal allowed value of vitality efficiency, is a compulsory target, an business management, and prevention of low energy effectivity of merchandise into the market, out of the basis for energy-intensive products. After standards, lower than three of the products out of product, manufacturing and sales shall be prohibited.

Inflection level facing the event of low-end model

Zhongshan, general manager of Ran Xiaoyun said the United States will quickly implement energy efficiency standards for low-end system for the second and third tier brands is no small impact, however the brand is good news for the line. In large
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Store, the general cost just beautiful, and the joint creation Airmate followers such as first-line brand, value from 100 yuan to 800 dollars. However, in general, extra than 100 yuan of the fan just isn’t selling well, however is barely more than four hundred yuan promoting more high-end point. If you wish to buy cheap because consumers on to the market or grocery store, usually as long as 30 yuan, 100 yuan for them, the too high; and to the mall to purchase who are fully purposeful and aesthetic appearance of the fan, which products prices are high. Implemented energy efficiency rating standards, to market reasonably priced electric fan producers will face a technical update, the need for increased investment, once cannot afford, directly eliminated. Increase funding if the technical updates, the price might be enhanced by the impression of low-cost advantage, they face competition with huge brands pattern. “In 2007, the output of our followers around 1.4 million units. In accordance with the basic number and update the status of non-technical terms, an annual listing of 1,400 million fans within the fan going through out the destiny of most of these fans low-end brand title products, the impact on low-end brands can imagine. ”

Ran Xiaoyun mentioned that first-line brand as a result of they have good technical base and solid economic strength, the energy efficiency rating is the benefit for them instead. Standards after the implementation of the public in selecting energy-saving electrical fan electric fan will be the basis for a selective, high energy effectivity rating will undoubtedly be one other high-tech business card fan.

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