Essentials About Solar Electricity Systems

Have you ever thought of reducing the money going to electricity bills? Are you aware of the need to reduce pollution and green house gases? Basically what you want is to help the environment and yourself. And I bet that solar electricity systems are what you are thinking about. If so, you are in the right track.

It is true that solar power is the most abundant, cleanest, and most effective power source available. You can never go wrong with the inclination to install this in your home, company, farm, factory, and in so many other application. But before doing so, it is best that you know the rudiments.

There are three main types of solar electricity systems. The fist one is the portable solar system. As the name implies this solar power apparatus is more compact. You can bring this around your home or office to be used on different things. You can also carry this with you when going to places with no electricity like camping or secluded areas. The second type is the stand alone solar system. With this installed in houses or other establishments, you are basically deriving your own power. You will have a big battery structure so you can still enjoy electricity at night. Basically you have a scheme that is independent from power companies. The third one is the most common and practical type for residences which is the grid-connected solar system. Here, you will have synchronous solar power. You will still have the connection with power companies but in tandem with your solar supply.

Now another classification describing solar power systems would be passive and active. Active would hold the three types described above where sun energy is transformed to electric energy. Passive on the other hand deals with a more basic approach. The highest electric consumption in homes would go to heating, maintaining temperature and water heating. In this case, instead of changing the sun’s power to electric power, it is converted to heat energy.

Another interesting fact about this abundant power source is that is not new technology. Space programs have been using this when they send people in space. It has also been in use for some time now in remote areas where power grids have not been able to break through. And through the advancement of this technology it has become more affordable making it a plausible alternative to what we have now.

The sources where you can get this are all around. There are companies that will install the complete package for you for a sensible sum. Available as well are “do it yourself” bundles with easy enough instructions that anyone can follow. Aside from these sets, if you have the knowledge, there are separate parts you can buy. You can get them from eBay or other sites online. Factory auctions are also a good place to find good bargains for previously owned solar systems.

Nowadays, anyone can take advantage of the technology making the sun’s energy work for us. It is economical, efficient and available for the taking.

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