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Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a discover recently, in 2009 strategy will proceed to take financial subsidies to promote energy-saving lamps within the country a hundred million.

China Illumination Electric power, in keeping with statistics, the 2008 solely lighting on the consumption of 410 billion kwh electricity, equivalent to annual electrical energy consumption of the United Kingdom. The market worth of energy-saving lamps in your side, the people, with further calculations, found that gentle saving doesn’t save money, it is difficult to market habits by promoting energy-saving lamps. Held to promote the popularization of energy-efficient lighting merchandise to promote. Then, ” ” strategy effective? In my view, the essential energy-saving targets

According to reports, one of many first through monetary subsidies to advertise efficient energy-saving lamp 62 million, exceeding the unique targets of 24%. Theoretically afterwards, this energy-saving environmental results were significant, cumulative power-saving 3.2 billion kwh can cut back carbon dioxide emissions 3.2 million tons, sulfur dioxide emissions of 32,000 tons.

The purpose of financial subsidies to energy-saving lamps is clear: let the folks save money on the same time, countries can achieve vitality reduction targets, might be described as win-win to achieve, but 62 million energy-saving lamps are proven with the common folks into the family, you must very questionable. One indisputable fact is: in some locations the flow of economic subsidies for energy-saving lamps lack of openness and transparency, the individuals very tough to buy. A case examine on the author’s life, from the media that there are 2 million target, but shop round to find how you can purchase (including recommendation to relevant authorities departments), the received reply is “do not know.” I do not know who offered these energy-saving lamps, mere “Villains” within the heart of conjecture, will circulation into the business of the warehouse and then market price to sell? It not turn into a monetary subsidy to businesses making large money? The absence of open and clear operation , and supervision, presumably such a factor is inevitable.

The masses, the government subsidize really a good thing to use energy-saving lamps, energy saving and money, the more the better, hands above their heads welcome. Beijing reportedly offered to the public only a dollar each energy-saving lamps, 9 yuan cheaper than the market price, which do not wish to use? The real problem is that some local folks simply won’t buy energy-saving lamps monetary subsidies, and even don’t have any knowledge. I hope that this year one hundred million to promote this power saving lamps help to strengthen management and supervision, product prices, distribution channels, purchase strategies are all in a highly transparent state and the public through the media, public notices, really good run, so that the lots benefit .

By the financial impact of the current financial subsidies to a limited number of energy-saving lamps, still can’t fully meet the demand. In the short provide situation, learn how to strengthen energy-saving lamp sales management links, so that the people truly benefit from the “cheese”? I suggest trying to simultaneously four measures: First, to advertise the practice of Beijing, residents holding identity cards to the limit to buy pointing locations : The second is by issuing every household to purchase light coupons, tickets to purchase lamps: three a reference to ”
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“Approach to the market to buy lights with folks directly enjoy the financial subsidy invoice: four are useful for practice, issued to the business” financial light “indicators,” first sale after the meeting, “cheap and offered with shopper identity card registration signature and other strict procedures to acquire the financial subsidy payments. I believe, “a four-pronged” would block the lack of energy-saving lamps for the “market light” loophole.

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