Do It Yourself Refinishing for Shower Stalls

Shower stall not looking so good? A refinishing job can give it a complete makeover. There are 2 different routes that you can take when it comes to refinishing your shower stall. The first is to hire a professional refinisher. If you have never done a refinishing job before, this is definitely the best route to take. Still, there will always be the odd few who insist on refinishing their own shower stall. If you are one of these people, this article is for you. Here are some tips to take along with you while you are refinishing your shower stall:

Tips For Cleaning:

Before beginning the refinishing process, you will need to thoroughly clean your shower stall. I warn you now – if you skip this step, you will be very disappointed in your final results. To begin, remove all caulking from around the corners and edges of the stall. Next, scrub the shower down using a regular cleanser. Once you have cleaned using regular products, you will want to use trisodium phosphate to remove any remaining dirt or grime that you may have missed during the first cleansing.

Prep Work:

Another thing you will need to do before you actually refinish your shower stall is de-gloss it. To do this, you can use a very fine sandpaper or a type of steel wool.

Scrub down the surface of shower stall until it completely loses its luster. When you are complete, vacuum and clean again. Last but not least, using tarps and tape, cover any fixtures that are located near the stall. This will prevent them from incurring spray spots during the process.

Refinishing Your Stall

It does not matter how much venting you have in your room, protective gear should always be worn during the refinishing process. Before you even begin to load your spray gun, be sure that you are wearing your respirator and a pair of goggles. Never skip this process! Refinishing fumes can be dangerous and, in severe cases, can lead to hospitalization. To ensure the job gets done properly, follow the instructions in your refinishing kit to a tee

In sum…

There are plenty of shower stall refinishing kits available on the market. If you insist that you refinish your own shower stall, use the tips above to guide you along. For those who do not insist on doing it themselves, hire a professional. If you attempt to do it yourself, it could end up looking ‘painted’. By hiring a professional, you will have the peace of mind that your job will get done right – the first time!

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