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What would your reaction be if your neighbor informed you that they were going to erect wind turbines? Are you surprised? Building your own wind turbines is a lot easier than you might think and a lot of homeowners are getting into the whole DIY (do-it-yourself) movement to build these cost-effective, renewable energy sources. It isn’t just a plug and go type situation, but if you get your hands on a good set of plans and you can stay focused and motivated, you could start building your own wind turbines rather quickly.

The first thing to think about is why anyone would want to build their own wind generator when there are perfectly good companies around that just sell them commercially to homeowners. Yet the materials you require to construct a wind turbine, like batteries, DC motor, towers and hub, are not so expensive. Allowing you to recoup your initial investment literally years earlier than you might if you purchased a professionally put in commercial variant, you are able to construct your own wind turbine for less than $500. Even if you put money into higher quality materials for the assemblage of your wind generator, the total expense of the entire project will be much cheaper than any professional installation.

You should definitely buy an instruction guide or book to show you what to do, before you begin work on constructing your own wind generator. Where guide books are concerned, never forget that you receive what you pay for. Be sure to look for a guide that is user friendly and comprehensive. A great variety of Internet based forums and resources are available to aid you in your task of constructing a wind turbine.

To get comfortable with the basics before beginning your wind turbine construction ventures, learn about the four basic elements of wind turbines. Those components are the towers, the turbines, the batteries and the tail/propeller assembly, so you should be sure to read as much as you can in the guide and online before you begin building. In the main, the tools needed for constructing wind turbines are not hard to attain; you will need to have a saw, some wrenches and a drill. Pertaining to the particular type of wind generator that you will construct, you might also require other tools.

The motor that is required to effectively run the wind turbine will most likely need to be ordered in advance. Wind turbine motors will need oiling and routine repairs to keep up a good running condition, but this will ultimately be a small price to pay for the brilliant energy this unit can offer. Aside from the motor, you will also require a great deal of space to build and install your unit. The blades or propellers on a wind turbine can be up to eight feet in diameter, as the blades themselves are approximately four feet in length.

While the project is simple, there is a little work involved in building your own wind turbines, but the process is fairly inexpensive and you will begin to see your work pay off every month that you have it in-use. Since wind generator technicians prove to be so hard to locate, the construction of wind turbines has become a rapidly growing career field. Therefore, you should do all you can to learn how to build wind turbines on your own and seize the opportunity of having free electricity generated for your home.

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