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The transfer of power generation from exhaustible to non-exhaustible sources is not a secret to anyone. The movement has been encouraged at numerous occasions and educating people about its importance is top priority currently. Among all the non-exhaustible resources, sunlight is the most available and most preferred source and hence solar energy gets so much highlighted. Solar energy becomes electric energy by the use of an apparatus called the solar panel which is a combination of many solar cells stringed together. It is very feasible to get a solar panel installed for your home as well as office. The only unattractive feature of solar panels is its price. Initial installation is high priced and further, there are little maintenance costs.

Due to its high price many people refrain from getting a solar panel but an even bigger number of people don’t realize that they can make their own solar panels without much struggle and pain. However, the awareness about the ability to manufacture solar panels with used parts is very low.

If everybody is educated about the efficiency of solar panels and the great savings on electricity bills one can make, it can lead to a revolution. In my opinion, some people still consider it to be a little risky which is not true. A very common question that people have when it comes to using solar panels is of the situation when there is no sun like when it’s dark, when it’s raining/snowing and other such circumstances. It leaves a question, how is power manufactured in such conditions? Firstly, the electricity produced is in excess which lasts even throughout the night. Secondly, in many cases, solar panels come with a mix of wind-mills or thermal energy apparatus i.e. electricity is also produced via wind and heat respectively at the same time. In the absence of sunlight, this prevents all sorts of power fluctuations and blackouts. Thus, the production is unaltered and still with a surplus.

The benefit of having extra power is its sale value. You can actually sell this excess power to the electricity company and make money. And moreover, as you make your own electricity, you no longer have to reluctantly pay any power bills.

The rapid exhaustion of the fuels which we use today has made it a bigger priority to domesticate solar power. Hence, it can be said that solar energy is the technology of the future. Governments and organizations, both private and public, are involved in developing solar technology to the core. Their involvement in such a major way is also because of many other advantages which these methods offer. Such as no pollution, no wires and cable for transmission, independence from power plants, portability and others.

There are plenty of solar panels installed both for residential and commercial purposes around the globe. A recent advancement was when a cruise, totally powered by solar panels, crossed the Atlantic. Because of the merits which we’ve discussed above, solar energy is also being tried to implement on automobiles.

The dream of going green will come true only when pollution is controlled and pollution can be controlled when we move from the damaging methods to ecological ones such as solar panels. You can learn more about getting your own DIY Solar Panels guides at DIY Solar Panels Make your own Solar Panels

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