DIY Renewable Energy Sources And Their Uses

Renewable Energy can be as simple or as complicated as you want or need it to be and can be used for whatever use you can think of. You can use Renewable Energy for anything that you need conventional electricity for, whether it is for the heating of water or a simple pumping system to water your garden or power your garden lights right up more complex systems that feed back into the grid or to power isolated properties or communities.

Many people today are concentrating there efforts on reducing the amount of energy the are using around there homes as a means to not only reduce their electricity bills but also as a conscious effort to protect our environment. People are becoming more thrifty all the time and to try and achieve this they are turning to the DIY craze.

Solar heating has been in use for a very long time for the heating of water in households and will continue to be used in the future. But what is changing is that more and more people who have installed swimming pools and spa baths want to use them more and more during the winter, let’s face it that it cost a lot of money to install these assets so why not use them as much as they can. To use electricity for the heating of the water is far too expensive and they are turning to Renewable energy sources i.e. solar heating to heat the water and in some case pump the water through the filtration systems.

People are becoming more resourceful and in the world of DIY people are installing there own water heating systems for swimming pools and spas as they see them as a low risk asset and what I mean by low risk is that it is not essential to the running of their homes nor is it critical for the system to maintain a set temp. And it is sometimes not even about the money some people just like to do things themselves, I know I do. Why pay someone huge amounts of money to do something that you are more than capable of doing yourself, it is much more satisfying and it gives you something to be proud of.

This is made somewhat easier with the endless amount of information and material available on the net to build and fabricate components for Renewable Energy systems. Detailed instruction manuals on how to build a solar array and wind generators are readily available that show just how easy it is to build a small pumping system powered by a home made solar panel to water your garden.

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