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Whilst forms of domestic solar panel systems have been around since the 1900s, many residential forms of renewable energy were seen by many to be to expensive when compared to traditional oil and gas methods of producing electricity and hot water. However people’s attitudes towards renewable energy is changing at a staggering pace. Especially towards the construction and use of DIY solar panels. With the demand for good quality DIY solar panel guides rising, there are now plenty of guides on the market! The good ones will have step by step guides, videos, list of components and detailed plans to help you complete your first DIY solar panel project. Do not worry the internet is now full of reviews for most guides and you will soon find out which ones are worth investing in.

With the costs of commercial solar panels out of most people’s budgets many people look for an alternative solution. Thankfully there were a group of us who realized that we could be systems for a fraction of the price charged by commercial operators. Ebay sells all the component that you need for your DIY solar panel project.

There are now plenty of DIY solar panel guides on the market, some very good and some very bad. When thinking about starting your own renewable energy project, you should try to find a very good step by step guide. You will need to have lists of items required for the project at the outset. This list will include tools, materials and plans. Making a good list from the start of your diy solar panel project will save you stacks of time and enrgy later on.

A good guide will contain all of the above and more. Videos are a great way to get practical tips along the way. The best thing about videos is that you can actually see the project in action in a step by step format.

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