DIY Kitchen Installation

Is your kitchen looking a bit tired and out-dated? Time for a refurbishment or a redesign?
Whether you are planning to simply replace the existing kitchen worktops and kitchen worktops or make more significant changes, most of the work can be done yourself if you’re prepared to put in the work.

Kitchen refurbishment can be an expensive business but it is possible to save a fortune by doing it yourself. Obviously there may be certain aspects of the refurbishment that you can’t or shouldn’t attempt yourself such as plumbing and rewiring but there’s no reason why the average man or women with a bit of sense can’t do the rest. And what better feeling than to look at your new kitchen and know that it has been created through your own hard work?

If you simply want to update your existing kitchen cabinets, flooring and paint work then these are all things that can be done very easily by the homeowner. Your choice of kitchen cabinets will usually dictate the theme and color scheme for your kitchen so my advice is choose your cabinets first.

Once you have decided on that, you will need to take careful measurements of the entire kitchen and each existing cabinet that you have. Take those measurements to the home improvement store and the sales people there will help you to choose the right cabinets for replacement.

The flooring will be next and that is simply taking a floor measurement and again, visiting the home improvement store and picking up your floors. Paint colors are your choice and having it mixed to the exact color you want is easy to do.

If you want to remove walls in your home and completely remodel the kitchen, this job is more complex and should be carefully done. Before you remove any walls in your home, you should make sure it is not a load bearing wall. If it is not, then, demolition on the wall can begin.

You will then have to map out exactly how you want your kitchen to look, where to place the appliances, cabinets and so on. If you visit the home improvement store, they have the facilities to help you with this. They will take your measurements and put them into the computer and then design the kitchen for you. Choose the cabinets, flooring and paints you need and installation can begin.

Installing cabinets in a kitchen can be tricky if you don’t follow the recommendations of the experts. Install the upper cabinets first, then the lower. Before installing the upper cabinets, lay them out according to how they will be placed on the wall and make sure to mark a chalk line on the wall for level installation.

Once the upper cabinets are complete, the lower cabinets can be installed. Again, lay them out in the order they will be installed, mark chalk lines on the walls and shim any cabinets from underneath to make them level. Once the cabinets have been installed, the countertop and sink and any other appliances can be put in.

The flooring should be one of the last projects you do after cabinets and painting. You will love your new kitchen and it will last you many years.

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