Disagreements With Solar Energy

Fossil Fuel reserves are now shrinking and believed to become depleted in the following 30 to 50 years. That is why we should start out utilizing renewable energy resource like solar energy. We better glance at the various alternative energies and start out a fast tracking of development to speed up our independence on non-renewable fossil fuels. And solar energy can be as good as any other alternative energy resource out there. Disagreements however have been raised throughout the years with the use of solar energy. The most convincing argument so far is the high pricing of solar energy utilization.

As solar energy can only be put into use when there’s sunlight, having it otherwise leads to some difficulties. There are times when, factors like smog, fog, clouds, and even rain disrupts the flow of sunlight even though the sun has risen. To counter this difficulty, we must have some equipment which could store as much solar power as possible at a given time so that power can be used without interruptions.

Right now, that particular technology which can use the energy from the sun, changes and store it for future use is made obtainable. And that technology itself is the primary reason why solar power hasn’t caught on to this day. The operation involved in making the solar panels which changes the energy from the sun along with the technology which could store the power remains to be quite expensive.

The good thing is that because of the recent increase in the pricing of fuel and gas, solar power is no longer a far fetched alternative. The gap amongst the pricing has decreased considerably and hopefully soon, the pricing of solar energy production will be somewhat competitive.

Furthermore, the pricing of pv cells are actually quite expensive than contemporary oil and gas equipment. But one of the faults of the argument of pricing is that people tend to limit their perspective of solar energy as to only referring to pv cells. There are other options for using solar energy and not all of them are as high-priced as PV cell manufacturing.

The method of solar thermal plants is a way of getting the energy from the sun and changes it to workable electricity. Solar thermal technology employs various solar collectors to generate heat which can then be applied to the manufacturing of electricity to be use for the entire house. The use of mirrors or lenses to reflect sunlight to towers built with liquids that heat up and give off steam. The steam then turns turbines which in turn produces the electricity required.

As compared with photovoltaics, the operation adds up another step. Then again, applying solar thermal system is much more affordable than PV cells which is more preferred for the public.

Whatever the case is, the point is that solar energy has more to offer you than the traditional source of energy. Though the cost of production may be viewed as a logical argument against using solar energy, there are a few solutions made obtainable to reduce it. Pricing can be decreased by using other strategies of using solar energy or future developments in the field of science and technology will give off products that are more economical than what are obtainable nowadays.

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