Digital Thermostats Save Time And Energy

If you still have an ‘old school’ thermostat in your home for heating and air conditioning then you should really consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat.  You are missing out on a lot of features available that will both simplify your life and save you energy costs in the processes. The key features and benefits for most programmable thermostats are:

Easy Configuration: Set the clock and your desired temperatures for your daily schedule via a friendly menu system and that’s it.

LED Readout: Stop worrying if your old dial thermostat is working correctly. The digital screen shows the indoor temperature, the temperature setting for your cooling system, and the temperature setting for your heater. Most come with a illuminated display for easy reading, even in dark areas.

Scheduling: The real energy savings is in the ability to set different temperatures for the various times of the day, and in some cases even different days of the week. There’s no need to run your air conditioner or heater all day long while you are away from the home, but there is also no reason either to come home to an uncomfortable house at the end of a busy day. The thermostat will have your house at the temperature you want at the time you want.

Schedule Over-Ride: Are you having guests over and need a little extra climate control? You can simply override the schedule with the touch of a button WITHOUT having to undo your preset schedule.

Air Conditioner Protection: Starting your air conditioner compressor too soon after it has stopped will decrease the life of your air conditioner or probably damage it. Most digital thermostats have a compressor protection ability built-in to prevent your system from restarting too soon.

Auto Cut-Over: For areas of the country where both heating and air conditioning could potentially be used on the same day, the thermostat can be set to switch between the two systems. It will also maintain a mandatory separation between the cooling and heating preset temperatures.

Learning Capabilities: Many thermostats have the ability to learn how long it takes your air conditioner or heater to reach your programmed setting so it can start the system at the time required to have the temperature where you want it when you want it there.

Security: Are you tired of the kids constantly monkeying around with the thermostat and driving up your electricity bills? Then you will find this feature especially fitting. Just enable the lock feature and now the only persons that can make changes are the person with the proper code.

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