Considering An Electric Fireplace? What You Need To Know

An electric heater that mimics coal, wood, pellet or gas burning fireplaces is a Twinstar Electric Fireplace. Often, conventional fireplaces often take electric fireplace inserts, and they can then no longer be used for conventional fire place burning. Electric fireplaces can run on a flame only setting, when it’s already warm, or they can be used as an electric heater in the winter, and are plugged into the wall, and consume about 1 and a half kilo Watts of energy. Electric fireplaces are a chimney free fireplace, meaning they are a fireplace that does not need or require an ventilation system at all.

The Classic Flame Electric Fireplace brand is made by Twinstar. A typical electric fireplace features Plug ‘n Play into any standard 120 volt outlet. No venting, no gas lines, no wood, no mess or clean-up, no permits, no professional installation required. Operate your electric fireplace all year long, with or without the heat setting being on. The  Classic Flame Electric Fireplaces are perfect for homes, apartments, condos and town homes. They are easily transportable as electric fireplaces can be moved from room to room or home to home with ease. Coming in numerous shapes and styles, there is certainly one that will fit your space or sense of fashion.

People often ask if it is safe to put the electric fireplace directly against the wall? Is it safe to put on carpet or on top of a rug? Luckily, you can indeed put an electric fireplace on top of any type of flooring surface, from rugs to linoleum, and up against any of your walls.

What about moving the electric fireplace after it has been assembled? Yes, the electric fireplace, once assembled, is sturdy and is safe to move.

And what about energy costs? They can run anywhere  around $.03 – $.06 per hour to run without heat and $.10 – $.13 with heat, and that is in dependence on what the electricity costs are for your area.

How strong is the heating system of the electric fireplace? The electric fireplace gives off 4600 BTUs per hour.

What is the size of a room that the Classic Flame Electric Fireplace can heat? Approximately 400 square feet.

If you want to buy a Classic Flame Electric Fireplace, or if you just want more info, get it from that  Electric Fireplace Reviewer at Classic Flame Electric Fireplace.




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