You need a Kindle E-Reader

You need a Kindle E-Reader becuse it reads like a book! You can read comfortably with one hand becsue the Kindle E-Reader is lighter than a paper back. Being so light it allows you to hold the Kindle E-Reader in one hand, for those many time while reading when you just can not put the book down.

Reproduced below are parts of the pages from They are there to induce enough interest which will motivate you over to and make the purchase, becaue You need a Kindle E-Reader

Kindle Voyage Travel Bundle including Kindle Voyage 6" E-Reader, with Special Offers, Amazon Premium Leather Cover, Power Adapter, and free caseable Travel Bag in Black/Grey.

Kindle Voyage Travel Bundle including Kindle Voyage 6 inch E-Reader

List Price: $374.96
Price: $304.97& FREE Shipping.

You Save: $69.99 (19%)
  • Includes the latest Kindle Voyage 6" E-Reader with Special Offers ($199.99), Amazon Premium Leather Cover ($84.99), Amazon 5W Power Adapter ($19.99), and free caseable Travel Bag ($69.99)
  • Passionately crafted for readers.
  • High-resolution 300 ppi display–reads even more like the printed page.
  • PagePress enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger.
  • Adaptive front light–provides ideal brightness, day or night.
  • Battery lasts weeks, not hours.
  • Try Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days–choose from over 1 million titles.

image of a printed quote by Jules Verne - You will travel in a land of marvels

Highest resolution e-reader display

Kindle Voyage features a high-resolution 300 ppi display for crisp, laser quality text. The micro-etched glass screen is crafted to eliminate glare and feel like paper to the touch.

Effortless page turns

PagePress allows you to turn the page without lifting a finger. Simply apply pressure on the bezel to turn the page, and PagePress will provide a silent haptic response for consistent and immediate feedback.

Light that adjusts with you

Kindle Voyage can be read in bright sunlight or total darkness—and it’s smart enough to know the difference. With an adaptive front light, Kindle Voyage senses the light in your
environment, and changes the setting to the ideal brightness.

Remarkably thin design

At just 7.6mm thin, you can comfortably hold Kindle Voyage in one hand for long reading sessions.

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You need a Kindle E-Reader becaue there is so much valuable information for you the DIY Solar Water Heater person, available at Amazon’s Kindle Store, that you cannot afford not to read.

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