Building Your Own Residential Solar Panels

I know it sounds like hard work installing residential solar panels in your home, but thankfully, there are some good DIY programs to make it easier to do this yourself. You don’t need to be an engineer, nor do you need to spend much money to build the panels.

You could just buy ready made panels and just install them, but buying pre-made will cost you a great deal more money. That is why the best way is to make them and install them yourself by using step-by-step instructions you can get online and save megabucks as well. Even if your home-made solar panels only produce 90% of the energy that a pre-made panel does, you are still that much ahead of the game, not to mention your energy company.

Although traditionally, most residential solar panels are placed on the roof of the house, they can actually be placed anywhere there is sufficient room. This is providing that the minimum requirement of six full hours of sunlight is achieveable in the chosen location. A crucial point to note with a roof installation, is to get a professional to confirm that the roof will support the weight of the solar panels.

Adding solar panels to your home will have a beneficial effect on your utility bills. It is even possible you can cover all your electricity costs, but chances are you may not. However, the savings are certainly significant and if you can actually generate more power than you need, you could sell it back to the power companies which is a good feeling! It is also a good feeling when you know you are going green at the same time.

I mentioned above about making sure your roof will support the panels, but there are other considerations. For instance, if you live in an area where there are a lot of trees, the chances are you will already know that getting six hours of full sun a day will be unlikely. If you know that level of sun is not going to happen, then you just won’t generate the amount of energy you need. If the sun isn’t a problem, make sure you get the maximum benefit by placing the panels where they will get the most exposure.

Let Mother Nature help power your home and install residential solar panels where there is an unobstructed, 6 full hours of sunshine every day.

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