Build Your Own Wind Generator And Save Money

Inflation in the price of utilities, like electricity and gas, is provoking a rethink on using alternative methods to generate power. If you have ever traveled in remote parts of the country recently (or even on some remote parts of the coastline) you will have noticed wind turbines cropping up. They are generally hard to miss as they are massive pylon like constructions with a large rotor at the top. The rotors are rotated by the wind and this kinetic energy is converted to electricity by a generator. Energy companies sell this power to homeowners that are connected to their network.

It is becoming popular for many people to build their own windmill systems to create electricity. This can save them a bit of money on utility bills and lessen the reliance on fossils fuels to power their home. This article will discuss how to go about making a home built wind generator.

Why a Home Built Wind Generator ?

Traditionally, you might expect to see a wind generator or a windmill in areas where the homes are fairly isolated and off the grid system. As a general guideline, your home needs a clear, unobstructed area of land to construct the wind generator. It is often used in conjunction with other energy generating methods. Thus it can be used in combination with another energy generating system, like a gas powered generator or, more commonly these days, a solar power system.

The major plus of a solar power/wind generator system is that the wind power system can work at producing energy when the solar system is down (or rather the Sun is down). Thus you have an energy generating system that provides power round the clock.

Two considerations when it comes to build a wind generator is that you have enough wind and enough space. If your home is in a residential area then you may want to consider the feelings of your neighbors as they will be unhappy about a large (and even loud) structure blocking their view or other factors. By letting your neighbors know of your plans they are more likely to be agreeable during the construction.

Kit Versus Do It Yourself

The next question is whether to buy a kit or do it yourself. The basic argument for each option comes down to the cost. A kit will cost more to buy but will be easier to set up and install. You may even get support from the vendor when installing the system if you are not comfortable with DIY work.

A home grown or built system will cost less but will be harder to make and could take more time to put up. You expertise in DIY will be a factor in this. You can make your life a little easier by getting one of the many DIY manuals that can be found on the internet or in bookstores now.

A home built wind generator following one of these guides can be built for around $200 which is far cheaper than buying a kit or getting it installed by a professional.

The quantity of electricity that your wind generator can produce will be determined by the amount of wind, how consistent it is and the size of your system. Depending on where you live it could knock a few dollars off your monthly utility bill or it could be a source of much of the energy you need.

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