Basics About Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heaters

Although you might not believe this, solar water heating is available for hundreds of years. As we noticed advancements in technology all became even more efficient and we now see around 90 percent efficiency with evacuated tube water heaters based on solar power. Basically you will see 90 percent of all the sun’s energy being absorbed and then converted properly into heat. You are to see incredibly low energy generating costs if you compare to a regular source.The info was given by a gutter cleaner who also delt with inverter and installation of hot water cylinders.

Vacuum tubes or even evacuated tubes are mostly made from glass. In most situations we see a double wall system based on Pyrex. Special absorbing coating is utilized in order to couat the outer surface of the glass inside the inner tube. Inside every single tube the air is usually removed so that a vacuum is created. Copper heat pipes are located right in the middle of these tubes. Such a sealed heat pipe is good as it also includes in most possible cases anti freeze liquid and can help in absorbing infra red radiation better.

The one big advantage that appears with the use of evacuated tubes in solar water heating stands in the fact that these also work when we are faced with cold weather. Vaccums will prevent heat tubes from ending cooled too much by the temperature of the ambient. Also, thanks to evacuated tube systems you can also take advantage of the little sun power that we see during winter. In different circumstances you might be faced with the water being heated to 50 degrees by using just the water heater system.

Evacuated tubes were definitely not popular in the past because they were not available for all people. In most situations they were utilized in different commercial equipments and they were really expensive. People could not include them in any system they created. Nowadays this type of tubes is available and you need to know that they are actually recommended. You would end up with a lot more efficiency in your solar water heater system if it includes good evacuated tubes.

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