At Last, a Cell Phone Power Bank Not For the Faint at Heart

The Solario is a superior product, but I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. I’ve seen solar cell phone chargers before and they always look way too fragile to be useful. The way I see it, the only time you really need a solar phone charger is when you’re out doing something fun, like sailboating or waterskiing or relaxing on the beach, and none of those places are appropriate for electronics.

That’s why the Solario surprised me. From the moment I pulled it out of the package and held it I realized it was designed for outdoor use. It’s clearly waterproof and shockproof, which means taking it jet skiing or boating won’t turn it into a paperweight, and it’s not damaged by a little sand either, it just wipes clean and keeps on recharging.

And that’s the nicest feature of the Solario. It holds enough electricity to power up your phone a couple of times, which is good for a weekend, but it also turns solar energy into energy for your mobile devices, which means it offers sustained power for long trips. As long as I don’t waste electricity taking a bunch of pics, I rarely have to plug into a wall socket – the Solario does a great job of keeping my phone recharged with solar power alone.

Also, the price is great. I would gladly pay $50 or $60 for a solar cell phone charger that is actually usable on the beach, but last time I looked the Solario was under $30. That’s a great value – buy one and check it out for yourself.

Say Goodbye to Flashing Power Bars

Whether you’re boating, skiing, backpacking, or just on an extended vacation, the Solario portable cell phone charger gives you the freedom to recharge your electronics anytime, anywhere. Ideal for use as an emergency back-up charger, the Solario is lightweight, lightweight, wireless, and can be easily stored in a backpack or purse, ready for use on your next journey.
Best solar travel charger On The Market

The Solario is a mobile phone power bank that collects direct sunlight, providing plenty of power for your portable electronics. Unlike standard power banks, the Solario solar cell phone charger stays topped off by drawing power directly from the sun, freeing you from outlet dependency while you’re traveling.
Also Works Like a Traditional Mobile Device Power Bank

The Solario solar power bank also works like a traditional mobile device power bank, allowing you to quickly energize your smartphone from any outlet. If you’re preparing for an excursion, plug into an outlet to be sure that you’ve got enough juice for any situation.
Resilient, World-Proof Design

Drop it, splash it, or bump it – the Solario portable cell phone charger is waterproof, shock proof, and cleans off in seconds. Sealed plugs over each USB port keep out sand and moisture, while a reinforced rubber frame stands up to tough use without shattering or chipping. We built the Solario solar travel charger to withstand anything nature can throw at it, so bring it on!
Comprehensive Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t enjoy the Solario solar cell phone charger, simply send it back within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! Click the ADD To Cart button and order your new Solario solar power bank today!

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