An Introduction To Some Solar Energy Projects

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Solar energy has always been seen as the tomorrow’s choice for power and energy for all human needs. The fast disappearing fossil-based fuel has prompted scientists all over the world to try their hands at solar energy projects which have a lot of potential for tomorrow.

The Pioneers Of Solar Energy Projects

You cannot speaking on any such project without mentioning with appreciation and admiration the pioneers on solar energy applications  – names such as John Ericksson, Frank Shuman, Auguste Mouchout are iconic in this field. The idea of transforming the solar energy into energy fit for human consumption germinated in the brains of these men.  The first successful attempt at this was achieved by Bell Laboratories to whom we owe the basic solar cell.

The Best Of The Futuristic Solar Energy Projects

A lot of time passed and a lot of experimentation on different solar energy projects which gave new insights and applications for solar energy. For example, the World Solar Challenge which is held twice a year in Australia concentrates on showcasing different attempts at adapting solar power to running light vehicles. Think of the impact such a car would have on todays over laden with pollutants earth’s atmosphere.

Among the best solar energy projects you can also count the water purifier and disinfectant. If successful this projects would solve two burning issues of this Planet – the diminishing reservoir of drinking water and a trouble free (and cost free leaving aside the installation charges) method of purifying contaminated water to recycle it.

Charging and recharging of various gadgets – another wonderful application of the solar energy is charging and re-charging of certain critical gadgets – such as wheel chair batteries for quadriplegics, charging of a cell phone when you have no feasible source of energy for wired charging (plug in), security wireless cameras so they would never be interrupted because the batteries were weak, and so on. These are some of the most promising applications for solar energy.

All this and more would be possible in the near future as every one of the disadvantages of installing and using solar power are solved one by one. South Korea has already launched a US $170 million project that would have an 80-football sized plant that would be ready by late 2008. This plant is meant to take over the supply of power for as many as seven thousand households. If this proves successful, this Earth, this overburdened and over exploited Planet has some hopes of recovery.

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