All About Building Solar Powered Cars

Builders who understand the facts about solar powered cars will have an easier time comprehending their benefits and the challenges of producing them.  Solar cars are incredibly beneficial because they do not use standard fuel, but instead run on renewable solar energy.  They do not put out the same kind of air pollution as a combustion engine, so they aid the environment.  They also may have a financial benefit for consumers, as increased gas prices have made conventional cars far more expensive to drive.

How Solar Cars Work

Knowing the facts about solar powered cars is key for consumers who are considering a purchase.The energy conversion begins as the light energy from the sunshine is transformed into a more concentrated form of energy.  Solar cells resemble a sandwich in their construction — they have two layers of silicone that are separated with a thin, insulating material.  The sunlight creates an electrical charge within the cell.  One side contains the positive charge while the other side is negative.

A single solar cell can produce only a small amount of electricity, so there will need to be multiple cells to power a vehicle.  Multi-celled solar panels contain many small cells in one place, increasing the amount of energy potential.

Starting to Build a Solar Car

There are several facts about solar powered cars that you need to know before undertaking your own project to build a solar vehicle.Though you may be able to fuel a large vehicle, it might be easier to begin with a smaller one.  Not only will it have less energy needs, but creating the solar car on a small scale might help you create the larger version later.  First you will need to decide what materials you are going to choose to build the body out of.  Then you will have to learn to mount the wheels and the motor onto this body.

Once you have constructed the basic vehicle, you can begin to prepare the solar system.  You must check that all the connections are sound and strengthened.  Then, you will determine how the panels should best be mounted.It could be helpful to explore the basic design and structure of other solar cars when you are undertaking this step, to ensure that you have done everything you need to do. 

Testing Solar Cars

Keeping the basic facts about solar powered cars in mind during the testing phase will help you ensure that your vehicle is safe and functions at its best.  Begin by testing the vehicle in bright sunlight, to see if all the connections are completed properly.  The car will need plenty of adjustments at first, although they might be simple connection problems.As you progress from a small or model vehicle to a full-size car, the connections will be more complicated so learn as much as you can now.

There are commercial solar cars that you can purchase if you do not want to build your own.  However, creating a solar car on your own is an interesting way to learn the mechanics of solar energy.

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