Advice On How To Select The Best Free Energy Generator For Your Home

Currently, a lot more people are considering renewable resources of electrical energy to power their houses. Not only is this going to cut down on their expenses, but it can help preserve the environment by being enviromentally friendly this way. There are various sources of eco-friendly electricity sources, from the sun to wind and magnets. With these many selections, we should be sensible and wise consumers to consider both the drawbacks and advantages of each one of the free energy generator. The main question now is: which free energy generator is the very best for you?

The Power of the Sunlight

Solar power is one of the more well-known, if not the most, renewable sources of energy for decades. home solar power systems are designed as free energy generators to collect energy both from direct and scattered sunlight. Solar panels are good to use simply because they don’t create any byproducts, such as smoke, to add to the current pollution. Another benefits of solar panels is that it can supply electricity to remote locations that utility companies can’t reach. This is particularly useful if you happen to live in the desert area, where there is much sunlight. Also, they don’t use up too much area due to the fact they can be installed on the roof. And free energy generator require little or no upkeep once they are mounted. You can also build them by yourself with very cheap costs. The disadvantage of solar panels, however, is that they cannot gather electricity at nighttime, when it rains, and when it’s gloomy. Even in polluted urban centers, solar panels can’t be that efficient because smoke and smog concealer the sunlight. They also cannot be used in places where the local climate is usually rainy and frosty.

The Wind Power

One more type of free energy generator are the homemade wind turbine. They are constructed significantly like wind mills, and the spinning rotor blades create electrical power when they are spinning from the blowing of the wind. Wind generators are great for locations that have high altitude, like in mountains, where it’s windy. Wind generators are also an excellent option if your geographical location and environment cannot support solar panels. Just like the solar panels, wind turbines don’t emit byproducts and they are also terrific for far away locations with no energy. Wind turbines don’t use up any other resources except the wind, which is free and does not get depleted. Also because they are constructed vertical, they don’t use up a lot of space for them to be set up. Using wind turbines as free energy generator won’t cost much, specially if you build one for yourself. One drawback of wind generators, though, is that they can be easily broken, especially in thunderstorms and hurricanes – which ironically bring a lot of wind. They also do not generate power continually because of the wind path and strength. One more small downside is that wind turbines can be a little noisy because of the spinning blades.

The Force of the Magnet

If you think solar panel systems and wind turbines is not for you, then you can select the magnetic generator as your free energy generator. It is occasionally called a perpetual motion machine because it can keep itself going forever. Not like the wind mill and the solar panel systems, a magnet-based generator does not require any natural sources apart from the magnetic energy it creates by itself. That means, regardless of the weather, day or night, it can continue to make power for your house. Magnetic generators don’t occupy too much space and they can easily fit in a nook of your attic. Magnetic generators can also be constructed small enough to be portable, used anytime, and you can make one by yourself with very cheap materials. Magnetic generators need low maintenance. However, because it’s only been recently that this free energy generator is presented to the public, people are still reluctant to try it, even though there have been a lot of reports that claim it actually works. Additionally, so-called perpetual motion machines gradually will break down on its own, although it will do so after a very long time. Magnetic generator also cannot make a lot of power with a standard output of 24.5 watts. And they can be to some extent difficult to made because how it works is a little complicated.


In the end regardless of what free energy generator you choose, each will have its own positives and negatives. In essence, any of them can help to reduce your energy bills, require little maintenance, produce electrical power to isolated locations, and do not use up any non-renewable resources. Their down sides, however, are unique for each type. It’s up to you to pick which one is the best for you. However, there is no doubt that using a free energy generator will surely help save money and the ecosystem.

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