Adopting Green Living To Safeguard Our Children’s Future

We inhabit a world where carbon emissions and man made chemicals are damaging everything in nature, and we’re seeing terrible effects like acid rain and global warming. It appears as if we’re dismissing the damage we’re causing this amazing planet of ours. How wonderful it would be if we could breathe pure air in our neighborhoods, uncontaminated by poisons and toxins resulting from our way of living. But this is no longer feasible; we humans have guaranteed that with the pollution we’ve created we’ll be breathing in airborne poisons, which can impair our habitat and ultimately our health.

Our enormous oceans, which make up the majority of the earth’s surface, are being poisoned by pollutants, mainly toxins and oil, which have a devastating consequence on the life found in the ocean and as a result of that it affects us. Fishing used to provide many people with an income, but pollution is quickly putting paid to those livelihoods. Since way back in time, fishing has fed and given economic means to a substantial portion of our population, all of which is now being taken from many. Still fresh in our memories is the Deepwater Horizon disaster, which gave ample testimony to the disastrous consequences of oil spills, causing the loss of many jobs and costing billions of dollars. The food chain together with the whole of the ecosystem experienced significant damage, as a direct consequence of the deaths of large numbers of not only fish but also birds. All as a result of humans and their desire for oil, with virtually no thought, except in hindsight, for Mother Earth and her many other children.

In contrast to investing in the latest green energy methodologies and further research into innovative possibilities, we persist in spending billions of dollars on oil exploration. Present green energy options, which do no damage to the environment, are capable of supplying a lot of our energy needs. One alternative which is able to heat water as well as provide energy, is solar panels, which are very efficient in sunny locations. Wind turbines are another way of harnessing green energy as they simply need wind to make them create energy. The advantage of wind turbines, assuming that there’s enough wind, is that they operate all day and all night. Oil damages the environment and it will at some point run out, so it’s important to invest in green energy production now more than ever. If we did that, global warming as well as the other ruinous results of pollution could actually be stopped, and just possibly reversed.

It is you and me that are going to reap some benefits in the short term and future generations will benefit in the long term. We desire for our children to grow up surrounded by all the magnificence the planet is endowed with, happy and without fear of violent, distressing weather events and food shortages. But unless of course we begin living green and looking after our environment, this won’t happen.

It will be worth all the money, time and massive effort necessary, if we can stop the unyielding march of the harm we are doing to our planet.

Start out establishing the favorable future of your loved ones through the use of less cost method of obtaining energy, a good under floor heating source generated from the power from the sunshine by means of solar panels.

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This post was written by TKB-Editor on July 22, 2012

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