Add Value to Your Home: Build a Fire Pit Yourself

When starting on home improvement projects, it is important to choose a project that you can afford and that you can finish. It is both simple and relatively cheap to install a fire pit in your yard. This is a do it yourself guide to making your backyard hospitable for all your loved ones.

When picking out a fire pit, there are many things to consider. You will find a number of trends costing anywhere from fifty dollars to a few hundreds of dollars. It is imperative that you pick one that falls within your budget and is the right size. Having selected an appropriate fire pit, it is then essential to determine the optimal placement for its installation. Open-flame fire pits need to be place over stones or bricks. Keep the fire pit away from anything that might catch fire, such as your house. Your home improvement project can range from simple to slightly difficult, depending on whether the pit you have chosen can simply be set in place, or whether you have to make permanent alterations to the area to accommodate it. The guide which comes with your fire pit will advise you on how to assemble it as well as providing advice on where to place it.

You can accomplish this embellishment to your home in just a scant few hours. You can complete it with minimal skills. This do-it-yourself project must be properly cared for and maintained, which can be quite entertaining. Think about buying a cover for your pit so it will stay dry and twig/leaf free. After the pit cools off it is necessary to remove the remaining ashes. By taking out the ashes you leave added space for your fire and burning matter. It also maintains the the appearance and cleanliness of your pit. And finally, consider purchasing a firewood tool set so you can safely adjust the logs as they are burning.

Installing a firepit in your back yard is a very worthwhile DIY project. Imagine how nice would it be to sit near a fire-pit with family and friends on a mild summer night! Add in some backyard games, great food and drink, and your friendly get-together will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on May 20, 2010


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