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After under going a total laryngectomy operation in July 1995, as a permanent cure for cancer of the larynx, I had to learn to speak again at the age of 49, and till to-day continue to speak with the help of a voice prosthesis.

In 2003, things so happened, that I faced the imminent threat of not being able to use a voice prosthesis any more. When this happens I would become a ‘mute’, totally speechless, creating the need for me to find alternative employment wherein I could work without having to talk.

In May 2004 an American company StoresOnline Inc, of Orem Utah, held a workshop in Melbourne, Australia, promoting ‘Internet Marketing’, and their web hosting services. This was what I was looking for. As an Internet Merchant, emails and published WebPages would do all my talking for me. I purchased a package of 6 websites.

As of April 2010, I own a further 65 blogs and 10 static websites apart from the first 6 mentioned above..

While, working with drop shippers and fulfillment agencies, all situate in the USA, I sell physical products, like cat furniture, childrens’ toys, personalized gifts and gift baskets, and digital cameras to destinations in the 48 continental states of the USA, on the 6 websites I purchased in May 2004.

I use all other blogs and websites to promote physical and digital products as an affiliate marketer.

I can be contacted on noelben1 (at) iprimus.com.au.

Noel Benjamin D’Costa

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on June 1, 2009


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