A solar generator can be very handy

A portable solar generator is a handy item to own. These units can go anywhere and they are safer to operate than a gasoline generator. What’s more, the solar powered generators don’t need constant refills of gas so they are a cost effective alternative.

Gasoline generators are great in many circumstances, but with the prices of gasoline heading for the moon again, they can become quite costly to operate. This is not the case with a solar powered generator since you can get all the solar power you could possibly use for free.

Another great advantage of solar powered generators over gasoline generators is they are less dangerous and less dirty to use. Gasoline generators can splash out gas when you move them, they produce a toxic exhaust and they create a fire hazard because of the gas in the unit and the gas on hand to refill them. Solar powered generators are definitely a safer and cleaner alternative.

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This post was written by SWH_Assistant on July 29, 2011

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