A Backyard Swimming Pool is a Terrific Investment. Isn’t It?

A Backyard Swimming Pool is a Terrific Investment. Isn’t It?

When the notion strikes you, it can be hard to resisst the temptation to invest in a good backyard swimming pool. What’s not to love – it’s a great way to show how successful you are, you can finally head off somewhere everyday to let off some steam or cool down. Depending on the part of the country you live in go, having a great swimming pool can snoker you in the investment angle. In the northern states, having a home with a swimming pool can actually bring the value of your home town when it’s time to sell. Real estate agents will regularly ask you to fill your pool up and plant flower beds there instead. Down in the hotter climes, having a house without a backyard swimming pool can bring the value of your house down though. But all that apart, a swimming pool is a real money pit. Watch Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3

How you ask? Just take a look at these numbers. For a backyard swimming pool that you dig into the ground, depending on the size of the thing, they can cost you anything above $30,000 to install. And if you factor in the prices of the accessories and the extras, landscaping around the pool, a fence to keep children out when it’s not safe and the concrete skirting around it can cost thousands more. If you live in a cool area, you can count on $500 each year to heat the water, and about as much to maintain it each year with pool cleaning chemicals and filters. If you live in a really cold area though, you’ll have to close down the pool when it gets too cold, and open it again in the summer. That’s quite an expense in itself. And of course, since water and building materials really don’t play well together, you had better be prepared for tile replacements, crack repairs and so on. And of course, the vinyl cover you have to refer your pool doesn’t last forever either. Watch Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3

If you have ever cared to observe closely how your friends run their pools, you’ll probably notice that almost every private backyard swimming pool tends to remain unused most of the time. When the inevitable maintenance costs appear in the form of broken filters or pumps, pool owners hate to shell out. It’s a big enough deal to invest in the whole thing in the first place. Paying hundreds of dollars all the time to keep things running can be hard. But of course, if you delay maintaining your pool properly, it becomes a source of diseases. You could take the easy route out of course and hire a pool servicing company. But that can cost as much is $500 each month.

So basically, a pool will cost at least $4000 a year to run and maintain. But no one gets a real idea of what their pool costs them until they calculate what they would make if they invested the money instead. If you put the 30,000 you’d invest in the pool in the bank instead, that would make you 5%. So the cost each year would be about $5000 even if you do all the hard work yourself each year. It might be a whole lot cheaper to just send your kids to the community swimming pool. They’ll have all of theirfriends there, and they’ll probably prefer it that way too.

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